A little bit DIY

This is the set of drawers formerly known as the Lincoln Log drawers. I found them hideous. After taking quite a beating in a house full of college boys, I declared to Shawn that we were going to give the drawers a makeover. And boy are we glad we did. We removed the Lincoln Log handles, painted the drawers, stained the top and added new pulls.

Plus the project was an excuse to break out the belt sander. OK, borrow and break out the belt sander. As the saying goes, you don’t need a boat, you need friends with boats. You don’t need a belt sander, just friends with belt sanders. So Shawn sanded the larger surfaces with the belt sander and I followed with 150 grit sandpaper. After sanding, I applied wood conditioner to the top and then stained with MinWax English Chestnut. I primed the drawers and then painted them with a semi-gloss white paint (three coats). The project took about five hours, not including drying time.

Gorgeous! We’re proud that we re-made a set of sturdy drawers rather than going out and trying to buy something. We spent less than $25 on this transformation.


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