OK, so this is the post in which I wax poetic about my cats. Yes, I’m that sort of person. But hey, if people can go all ga-ga over their dogs, then I can about my cats (which we think were dogs in another life because they come when called,  sniff for scraps on the floor and best of all, FETCH!)

This is my darling girl, Pele (named for the Hawai’ian fire goddess, not the soccer player). She’s a wonderful kitteh. I rescued her from an animal shelter and I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone would get rid of her. She’s got such a loving personality. She likes to cuddle in the morning (her not so sneaky way of getting me out of bed to feed her).

And this is Pandora, our little baby. We also rescued her from an animal shelter, this time in Omaha. Shawn and I joke (only we’re semi-serious) that she’s the reason I moved back to Nebraska briefly. Pandora lives up to her name. She’s a bit wacky, but such a lover. She’ll sleep all afternoon on your lap.

OK, crazy cat lady post has ended. See, that wasn’t so bad!


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