Dance, dance, dance

While I write this, I’m listening to Kevin Volans’ “White Man Sleeps (second movement).” I saw a modern dance performed to the song a few years ago and just loved the dance and the song. I highly recommend you get yourself to Youtube and give “White Man Sleeps” a listen.

“Just dance, gonna be OK… just dance, spin that record babe… just dance.” — the ever fascinating Lady Gaga

I just love this photo, even though it’s not very good. The photo was too dark and took some lightening up. But I think I like it because of what it represents: the unfettered joy of youth. Every day is a celebration, an adventure. We adults should take cues from our children to pursue life as a journey of wonder.

The town I live in just opened a new dance studio. Right now they’re teaching solely ballet, but will expand to include hip hop, modern and jazz.

What struck me about the two women who just opened the dance studio is their passion for teaching anyone to dance.I’m half tempted to join an adult class to see if those ladies could work miracles on my two left feet. I did ballet for three years as a small child and greatly enjoyed it. I love watching professional dancers, in ballet or modern. Their bodies move in such beautiful ways.

“Making mistakes and learning to recover from them — these things apply through life,” one woman said. She spent her high school years at a boarding school in North Carolina dancing from sun up to sun down. She danced professionally for a time because injuring herself and becoming disillusioned by the professional dance world. She was giant in a world of tiny women.

“I was never taught that way. Nobody ever said it was just OK to dance.”


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