Snow falling on lodgepoles (and writing confessions)

So I have a confession to make. Well, two. First of all, I failed at NaNoWriMo. I got behind after spending a weekend sleeping off a nasty cold and well, it snowballed from there. But I do have 7,000 words that I think are a great start to my novel, which I am still excited about. Perhaps I will go home tonight and write some more!

Second confession: I’m feeling rather down right now about my writing (maybe that’s part of the reason I didn’t finish NaNo?). I write for a living, so all day, every day, I am expected to be creative and coherent. This makes going home to write creatively a challenge sometimes. I also feel lazy sometimes when it comes to this blog. I want to write beautifully about even the most mundane events in my life, but I feel like I don’t have the energy. This isn’t all the time of course, but do you ever have the feeling you’re doing everything in your life half ass? That’s how I feel right now and it’s upsetting. I also read a lot of news articles, blogs and literature and I can’t help but wonder every now and then what’s the point. I can write well, yes, but not spectacularly. Guess I just need more practice.

I think I need to go stare at snow falling on lodgepoles for a while for perspective. There’s something to be said for standing still in the middle of a frozen road listening to the snow fall. I enjoyed that yesterday and shot the above photo.


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