Snowshoeing to mountain ranges

The Hubs and I went snowshoeing north of Butte on national forest land this weekend and had a gay ol’ time.

The names of the trails, which are designated for skiers, snowshoe-ers and snowmobilers, are quite amusing and very typical of Butte. We took Neversweat, but we got sort of lost and had to blaze our own trail for a while through pretty deep snow. The altitude where we were snowshoeing is about 7,000 feet.

The trail went through the woods and up over a ridge to great mountain views.

Rabbit tracks in the snow. Saw a fair amount of squirrel tracks, too. Later, back in town, we saw lots of pigeon prints.

Blazing that trail as we came to the top of the ridge.

Anaconda Range west of Butte. Pretty spectacular!

There’s my handsome man.

Highland Mountains east of Butte.

Yours truly. In my winter coat and coveralls, evidently I look like a pear. So says my husband. Jerk.

Brush pushing through the snow. Also known as ART!

More ART!

A very fun weekend! Hubs and I are looking forward to snowshoeing more in my neck of the woods. Heard about some great trails up the North Fork a ways we plan to try out this coming weekend. Who wants to join us?


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