New digs

So Shawn and I moved to a new apartment  last weekend and we LOVE it. Love, love, love.

Here’s our building. We live on the top floor and another married couple with a dog and a cat live on the bottom floor. We think the apartment is about 800 square feet.

Here’s half the living room. I’m not showing you the other half because we don’t have any stuff to fill it! (Which, really, is OK, but the room looks a bit bare). And yes, that’s an animal skin on the floor. Hey, we live in the West (be grateful there aren’t animal skulls adorning the walls). That’s Fat Calf, Shawn’s last 4-H calf. He’s nice and soft on the toes.

Here’s the bedroom, complete with lazy fuzzballs. The Hubs and I love that both the living room and bedroom have nice, big bay windows that let in lots of light. It’s mostly sunny at such a high elevation, unlike northwest Montana where I will live for just another two weeks! Oh, and the quilt on the bed is the one my Gramma sent to me with the caveat, “oh, it’s just a rag I threw together.” Yeah right, Gramma. It’s art!

Here’s some art in our bedroom that I had framed. The one on the left is a Bigfork artist (a wedding present from my mom) and the one on the right is by Chris Peterson, Hungry Horse News photographer and probably one of the most talented Glacier National Park photographers. That shot is of Two Medicine.

I don’t have photos of the kitchen or garden yet. The garden was under snow and the kitchen, well, I forgot to take a photo. But I have big plans for the garden, so stay tuned. I also have big plans to paint the bedroom a nice green (we already have the paint) and the living room a lovely pale blue-gray (I’d like to color match Restoration Hardware’s light silver sage to Olympic, which is no VOC and not to mention way cheaper). Painting the trim white (seriously, gray trim?) will be a long project, no doubt.

Here’s my seed starts. I started Glacier tomatoes (a fast-maturing variety for the tiny blip of a season we have around these here parts), a sweet peppers variety and Columbines. But I’m not really holding my breath on any of them. If any of them do germinate, well, what a pleasant surprise.


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