Primping the passageway… or, the hallway gets some paint

Spent much of yesterday painting the hallway in our apartment. The painting bug had bitten me real bad. After spending about four hours getting hallway painted, the painting urge has thankfully subsided and I can focus on things that actually need doing, like unpacking those last two boxes in the kitchen, finishing up the living room and maybe making some money freelancing. Money. Huh. What a thought.

Anywho, our entire apartment is painted white with gray/brown trim. I don’t understand the trim color at all (it’s not a nice color… probably was a cheap mess up color at the hardware store or something) and one of the things I plan to do to this apartment is paint the trim white. But that is a colossal undertaking and will probably take the better part of the time Shawn and I live here. Unless of course the painting bug bites me again, which it will in a week or so.

So here’s the hallway before, complete with Frog Tape and Pele the cat. The white wasn’t so terrible except that there’s big scuff marks everywhere. Also, many of the walls don’t have any texturing on them at all. It’s just the dry wall, and the seams are quite visible. Which is frustrating because even after I painted, the walls still look sort of “blah.”

This is one of the many reasons I needed to paint the walls.

Here’s after two coats of “Babbling Brook” paint by Olympic. It’s the premium variety so it doesn’t have any VOCs. Which I appreciate because I’d prefer not to get the cancer. Also, you may notice the box in the kitchen is still there. Yep, haven’t unpacked it yet. And in the bottom corner of the photo, all our winter hats and scarves. Yes, it’s still sort of winter here in southwest Montana. And we’re REAL sick of it. There were flurries this morning when Shawn and I took a walk to the coffee shop two blocks away (which is dangerous… we patronize it too much!).

I like the blue, but it doesn’t look so hot with the gray/brown trim. If I was just going to live with the weird trim color before, I can’t now because it bugs me too much.

And here’s a little hallway vignette complete with the pretty mirror my grandmother gave me and my ratty winter coat (it gets too much use).


4 thoughts on “Primping the passageway… or, the hallway gets some paint

  1. Hey I really like the gray and the blue… looks pretty awesome. then again photos can be deceiving. Looks like a pro did it! Congrats on the move!

    • Katie – I think if the gray were more gray it would look nicer against the blue. But there’s such a brown undertone I think it makes the hallway feel dark. It’s truly a strange color. But hey, everybody’s tastes are different!

  2. Funny! I never bothered to paint over what the landlords had done. Half of the walls weren’t even painted completely. When I moved in, there still was construction dust. I put in the indoor/outdoor carpet in the back and shelves in all the closets, even in the entry way. The floors could use a redo. But, that’s a big job! Looks good! Glad I left the clock. 🙂

    • Thanks for putting in the shelves and the indoor/outdoor carpeting! That must have been a big job. The thing Shawn and I struggle with is knowing when to quit, as in, this isn’t our home and won’t be forever, so we probably shouldn’t drop a whole bunch of our limited funds into this apartment that we’re going to leave someday.

      That being said, we’re well aware of many of our friends who are buying houses (and we’re jealous), but we’re unable to buy a home at this point (nor would it be a good idea at this juncture). So we content ourselves with painting pretty colors, keeping up the garden and screening in the porch.

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