Cheers from England!

Hello friends! Again I find myself apologizing for a lack of posts over the past few weeks. This time my excuse is getting ready for and now taking a trip to the UK with my dad and sister. We’ve been prepping for the trip for a few weeks and even though it included a very tense week of wondering whether or not my new passport would make it back to me (I had to get a new one since I changed my name when I got married), we’re here in England now!

We’re staying in Fitzrovia, a swanky part of London near the Euston Underground station.

Though I got a little sleep on the plane ride over, I’m pretty tuckered out from a long day of travel yesterday. A good night’s sleep will do me good, though, and I’ll have this jet lag easily licked.

So what’s on our agenda? We’ve all been to London before, that won’t stop us from exploring! We’re planning to hit up a few museums (British Museum, Victoria and Albert, perhaps the Portrait Gallery), visit the Tower of London, gorge ourselves on delicious Indian food at every possible avenue, do lots of walking and wandering and visit Charlton Musgrove in Somerset, the town where my family hails from (well, where my family hailed from in 1635 … we’ve been in the U.S. since then … I’m something like a 12th-generation American!)

Anywho, I’m going to wrap this up because I’ve got to get up and get moving or I’m going to fall asleep and that would wreck the lick-my-jet-lag plan (it’s important to sleep on the plane going east, then stay up all day and get to bed early, around 9 p.m. or so). Here’s the one photo I’ve taken so far:

More photos to follow soon!


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