Lovely London

And already I am behind in loading photos! I blame it on having too much fun. 🙂

Thursday we went to the British Museum. I’d been there before, but because I went with the group doing the quilting depth report during a study abroad, I didn’t get the opportunity to wander around and look at many exhibits. This time, we looked at Assyrian art, Greek/Roman art and artifacts from medieval Europe. The latter was my favorite.

The Parthenon pediment. Pretty dang cool since it obviously wasn’t at the Parthenon when I visited it in Greece!

On of my favorite parts of the museum was the room filled with clocks. Why don’t we make clocks and pocket watches this way anymore? I wish this sort of craftsmanship was still common. One of the clocks had a rolling ball that went back and forth every 30 seconds and evidently travels 2,500 miles a year. Calculating for the clock’s age, the ball has traveled something like 507,000 miles at this point!

This galleon clock has little tiny soldiers on the deck and a bellows inside that used to play a regal tune marking the hour.

This is what my sister is like in the morning. No joke.

Isn’t this lovely? It was outside a florist down the street from the flat we’re staying in. I love how clearly the sky and buildings across the street are reflected in the plate glass windows.

I’m a sucker for blue doors.

This is the apartment building we’re staying in! We’re on the third floor.

More later, folks!


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