Seeing him for the first time

Hello friends! I finally have something worth posting about. And that thing is our big news: It’s a boy!

Shawn and I had our 20-week ultrasound (though as of tomorrow I’m 22 weeks along) this week. In addition to checking the baby’s organs, spine and fingers and toes for normal development (everything is normal, thank the Lord!), we also opted to find out what we’re having, since finding out I was pregnant was surprise enough!

The doctor was about five seconds into the ultrasound when we’re had our indisputable answer: We’re having a son.

I have to admit Shawn and I were not at all surprised! There’s only three girls in his generation and about quadruple the number of boys! We would have been happy either way, however. We are relieved to know everything is developing well. Ultrasound technology is so cool, too: Shawn and I watched our baby’s heart beat and his little hands clench into fists and wave about.

Finding out the gender of our baby has really helped me mentally to understand this pregnancy more and accept it as actually happening (I think other moms can attest to the surreal feeling of the first four months or so). My body is definitely changing, too! The baby bump is here in full force. And I can feel our little boy kicking, which is beyond exciting. And does he kick! I think I’ve got a little soccer player inside me. Feeling the taps against my belly gives me pause, taking a few moments here and there to appreciate this little being inside taking shape.

The doctor said he is currently positioned with his head up by my ribs, which I can attest to because I feel the kicking at the bottom of my stomach. Hopefully our little boy flips around in the next 10 weeks or so or I may have a C-section in my future. Boo.

I wonder what he’s going to look like. I hope he takes after his handsome father! In the meantime, I’m going to get back to whispering to myself with glee: “I have a son.”

Profits before environment (which translates as: profits before YOUR well-being)

OK, I normally try to keep my politics off this blog because I understand that a.) not everyone agrees with my politics (even if I think they should 😉 ) and b.) politics can be quite polarizing and consequently tiresome. However, this is an opinion piece I just had to share.


In the article, author Mark Bittman points out that the government (truly, my loss of faith in the government is something I am becoming overwhelmed by… soon I’ll be one of those crazy folks out in the woods with my sheep, chickens and guns) and its bedmates (oil industry, the EVIL EVIL EVIL corporation Monsanto) are going against what the MAJORITY of Americans want and appear to be proceeding with the Keystone XL pipeline, and paving the way for more and more genetically engineered crops.

What struck me most about this article was these few lines: “If Keystone is built, we’ll see rising greenhouse gas emissions right away (tar sands production creates three times as many greenhouse gases as does conventional oil)” and “…there will be a march from New York City to Washington to demand that genetically modified foods be labeled, something a majority of Americans want. This small, perfectly reasonable request has run into joint opposition from the biotech industry and (here we go again) the Food and Drug Administration.”

Folks, this is only mounting evidence that our government (and I don’t think  your political persuasion matters when I make this statement) doesn’t care about you, me or anybody but corporations, corporate profits and that very miniscule class of Americans known as “the top 1 percent.”

We’ve got to get out there and do something about this folks. We can’t leave the peaceful protests to the Egyptians and Syrians any longer. We need to organize and take the streets. There has got to be some way to get it through the incredibly, unbelievably, thick skulls of our political “representation” that the pipeline and genetically modified food is bad for us, bad for the environment and bad for America. Help!