J and J

My beautiful mama and my beautiful son (Jonathan didn’t get those blue eyes from me!).

I really love this photo. It’s important to me because my mom lives 1,500 miles away and we don’t see much of each other (which I hate, hate, hate). We had a lovely visit to Kansas, where she lives, and she got to spend some quality time with her first grandchild. He’s changed so much since she last saw him — Jonathan weighed little more than 5 pounds and was a skinny little dude. Now he’s filled out to an impressive 20 pounds (he has quadrupled his birth weight!).

Chatting with my mom a few days ago, she mentioned how she has walked past the bedroom in her house where Jonathan slept and how she misses seeing him in there in his crib, kicking his legs up in the air. Oh how I hope my son and his grandmother can see each other in the future more often than every six months!



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