How you know it’s going to be a good day

Some mornings, you get stars in your oatmeal. How cool is that?

(No, I did not photoshop this image. It’s just naturally awesome and both my husband and I were amazed.)

Sometimes the best way to start the day is by noticing the little wonders all around us. Case in point: blueberry stars. Other such wonders include staring into the eyes of my darling son as he smiles up at me in the morning from his crib. How those eyes have changed and become his own over the past five months, and how I have enjoyed that transformation. Ordinary wonders like friendships. Recurring wonders like that feeling when you look at your spouse while he’s laughing and feel yourself falling in love all over again.

Shawn and I are in a waiting period that has us both frustrated. We hate waiting. We are not patient people. We just want to get on with this new adventure and work hard to make it successful. So it’s good to step back from that frustration and find little things worth appreciating, like stars in the blueberries, nestled in the morning oatmeal.


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