Yum avocado!

That’s what we tell Jonathan when we feed him avocado. We started feeding him solid (mushy) food last week. We started the first day with rice cereal, which he did not like. As you can see below.

Even my silly attempts at convincing him he liked the rice cereal didn’t elicit much response.

Me: Mmmm delicious mush!
Jonathan: Lady, you’re nuts.

He seems to like avocado better. We’ll do another day or two of that and then we’re moving on to sweet potato! I am making my own baby food. It’s purer that way. I control the ingredients. There aren’t any preservatives. It’s less expensive. So far the food I’ve made is a single ingredient, such as avocado, sweet potato, or peas, mixed with breast milk. I’m freezing the extras, and I’ve made enough for now that we’re set for a while. I’m using the book The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet. It has recipes from age six months to two years. So far I like the book a lot. Beyond recipes, it also has tips for feeding your child and nutritional information.

Making baby food from scratch is easy, but it does take some time. The avocado recipe is easy, and requires no cooking, just blending the milk and avocado together. The sweet potato and peas recipes do require cooking (baking and steaming, respectively). After cooking I mix the ingredient with breast milk and blend. Then I freeze the mush in a special, nasty plastics-free baby food freezer tray (1 tablespoon blocks, since a serving for a baby is 1-2 tablespoons). After that, I put the cubes in glass containers for storage. The containers have lids that also don’t have nasty plastics.

Jonathan hasn’t quite caught on to the whole solid foods thing yet, but I’m sure he will soon. At least it’s fun for my husband and I. And so far, only one projectile experience!


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