The wonders of YouTube (and yarn)

A few weeks ago, I decided I want to learn to crochet. I’d seen some really cute crochet/knit patterns floating around the Internet, and decided I would like to make something from those patterns instead of just pinning them on my Pinterest page and forgetting about them. So I did! I took myself down to the local yarn shop, purchased a few balls of yarn, a crochet hook (size G because they were out of size H, which is recommended for beginners, but I haven’t had any trouble), and some knitting needles. First, I found a couple videos on YouTube and taught myself to crochet. Here is the main video I used (and it has a sequel) if you’re interested in teaching yourself to crochet too. I find crocheting really easy, and frankly I’m surprised I didn’t pick up the craft much sooner! Well, I did try to crochet in college when a sorority sister taught me. Despite her best efforts I was a spectacular failure (definitely my fault, not hers!)

Anyway, my newfound skill is facilitating my ability to make handmade gifts for family this Christmas (I always try to make handmade gifts for Christmas, and for some reason I’m much more on top of that goal than years past). I find myself suddenly part of that sisterhood (that does include some brothers, though they’re a bit harder to find) who can’t force themselves past those gorgeous rainbow skeins of yarn beckoning from their shelves at the yarn or craft store. I never had that problem before and generally ignored yarn on my craft store visits but now I’m hooked! (Ha! Get it? Hooked!) I’ve already completed one scarf for a certain someone using this pattern, and I’m working on another scarf for another certain someone using a broomstick lace pattern, which is quite fancy! Here is the beginning of the broomstick lace scarf:

But I don’t want to just crochet scarves! Crocheting in the round seems a lot easier than knitting in the round, so I’m going to try my hand at crocheting a hat for the Hubs since that’s the only thing he’d wear that I could crochet for him. And I’d like to start on an afghan too for my son. I’ve found some fun, modern patterns that aren’t your grandmother’s afghan like this one.


3 thoughts on “The wonders of YouTube (and yarn)

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