18 months

And here, before we know it, I have an 18-month-old. When did that happen?

K and j in the grass

My dear sweet little boy, every day you are a wonder to me. You have the greatest smile, and you flash it at everyone, those blue eyes sparkling. That being said, you’re a bit shy when you meet new people. Your favorite thing to do right now is practice walking. You’re not walking on your own yet, but I swear you’re only days away from it. You want to keep holding my hands while walking even though you don’t need to, and I hope with all my heart you have that tendency until you’re 18 years old (or your entire life, that’s ok too). You think chasing the kitties around the house is great fun, and you’re most ticklish under your armpits. You love fruit of any kind, especially grapes and blueberries.

Cutest legs

You are developing a sense of humor, and you’re also getting good at pushing your parents’ buttons! You are quiet in public, and very bubbly and talkative at home. You can say “mom,” “dad,” “ball,” “dog,” and “all done.” You love our strolls around the neighborhood (and soon you’ll be doing the walking yourself!). You also love hikes in the backpack, and you love looking around at the trees as we walk the trails. All your friends are girls right now since that’s what everyone else seems to be having, but that just means you’re already a ladies man. You like to climb the stairs to the slide at the playground yourself, and already you like going down the slide by yourself. You’re tall, almost half as tall as I am. You’re cautious. You love hugs and cuddling up (and turning the pages) when we read books before bed. I love you my darling boy, so very very much.



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