I’ve added a portfolio page/tab to my blog. I guess I’ve been pining for journalism of late (I really, really miss interviewing all sorts of fascinating folks and the opportunity to have amazing experiences), and this way at least I can show off my past endeavors.

Here’s a sample of what you can find in my portfolio:

WEB Single mom fireThe photo of Phylicia and her son Jace won me a first place award in the news photo category of the 2011 Montana Better Newspaper contest. Still, I wish her house hadn’t burned down. That poor gal had had a very rough run of it when the house fire occurred. Makes me wonder where she and that little boy are now.

All the current samples are pages from the Hungry Horse News, where I was managing editor. I wrote the stories, edited the stories, shot the photos, and designed the page layout. All in a day’s work at a weekly newspaper with a small staff. Work to be proud of.


One thought on “Portfolio

  1. Hi Kelley! Glad to hear you are planning to keep a little corner of journalism in your life! You are an incredible writer, Kelley, and a heck of a journalist! (Except for when you write scandalous articles about defenestration ; 0 ) ). Are you looking just to write again or also to get paid?

    Not to shamelessly self-promote (cough, cough)bu-t…If you wanted to write an article on how living where you live has made you aware of the natural world, or other observations you’ve made of the Earth, wildfire concerns, or an interview of a public offical on policy and (renewable energy, sustainable businesses, land management, national parks) anything like that–a review of a book related to: sustainable farming or anything to do with climate change or and earth science (biology, geology, ect), let’s just say it is very likely it could get published in an online science journal. Sadly, our non-profit still isn’t thriving enough to pay for most articles at this point, but if you’re just looking for a writing outlet, I am now an official editor, so….

    Love to you and your family! Elise

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