Cherries 1‘Tis cherry season in northwest Montana. Which at our house means eating cherries until we can’t stand them any more, then canning a bunch of them for winter when we get a cherry craving again.

Cherries 2What beautiful fruit, cherries.

Cherries 3 Cherries 4


7 thoughts on “Cherries

    • Have you heard of the Ball Blue Book for canning? You can pick one up just about anywhere. I just followed that book’s method for canning cherries. Heat the cherries through in a large pot, add the correct ratio of sugar (though I always try to stay on the light end with the sugar), put in a water bath for the correct amount of time (plus ten minutes because I live 3,000 above sea level).

  1. I just canned some cherries also and I am excited to have them for this winter… the best part of canning is having a little summer each time you open a jar in the winter 🙂 Your cherries look great and that tool you use for the seeds looks like a good idea 🙂

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