Who: I’m Kelley. My husband and I own a brewery. I enjoy hiking, camping, quilting and spending time with friends and family. I have two kitties. My husband (Big Country) and I welcomed our son (the Peanut) into the world in December 2011.

What: This is a blog about anything and everything.

Where: Northwestern Montana is where we call home, but we enjoy adventuring.

When: I try to post fairly regularly, but I don’t blog daily. (I don’t understand how any young parent and business owner can manage that!)

Why: This is a record of things that are important to me, and these include (but are not limited to): my family, spending time outside, gardening, journalism, photography, and traveling.

Camera details: I use a Nikon D7000 and a Canon PowerShot.

P.S. I put a lot of details about where we live into this blog. So please don’t be a stalker and try anything weird. We’ve got a shotgun and we know how to use it, mmkay?

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve never met a person who has both Nikon and Canon at that level 😉 I’m a photographer too and also in a long-distance relationship although mine hopefully is coming to an end soon and is a wee bit longer than 4 hours away. Good to meet you. Nice pics.

  2. Hey Kelley: Love the blog! Your pictures are great. You are fabulous and hope that you are staying warm in the Montana winter….brrrrr:) Hel

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I know what you mean about feeling down. I, too, write all day, then find it impossible to keep up the energy and love and brainpower for my mediocre blog or any sort of “real” writing.

    I always say were I bagging groceries, I’d be one heck of a writer.

    I should stop saying that.

    Point is, your writing below was truly inspiring. Hell, it inspired me to write, right? Spectacular.

    — Second confession: I’m feeling rather down right now about my writing (maybe that’s part of the reason I didn’t finish NaNo?). I write for a living, so all day, every day, I am expected to be creative and coherent. This makes going home to write creatively a challenge sometimes. I also feel lazy sometimes when it comes to this blog. I want to write beautifully about even the most mundane events in my life, but I feel like I don’t have the energy. This isn’t all the time of course, but do you ever have the feeling you’re doing everything in your life half ass? That’s how I feel right now and it’s upsetting. I also read a lot of news articles, blogs and literature and I can’t help but wonder every now and then what’s the point. I can write well, yes, but not spectacularly. Guess I just need more practice

  4. Damn, I guess I am the only woman who runs her own (home) brewery, Desert Wind Brewery of Benton City, WA. Well, I am married, but my husband is disabled and can’t help with the brewery. It’s a hobby for me at this point, but in the future – who knows…

  5. have you joined a feminist mormon facebook group under an assumed name? if not, someone has lifted your photo from your blog and is using it for that purpose.

    also, i am very much enjoying your blog. it is lovely.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Marta! Could you please send me a link to the facebook group? I’d like to track down whoever the person is.

      • sorry, she already deleted herself from facebook. we never did figure out who she was, but she was using the name allison ormsby. when we tried to message her, she never responded. then someone found your blog, and when questioned about it, she deleted her profile.

        a bit odd, i know, but happily for me, i found your blog.

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