Oh, August. You are my least favorite month (though you do share that title with February). The only good thing that happens in August is my husband’s birthday, which is today, coincidentally. Happy birthday, lovely love!

But anyway, August. Hot, sweaty August. My garden looks droopy no matter how much water I put on it, and I feel the same way. August is the last real month of summer where I live, and it’s just a hot slog until September, which is glorious and definitely the best month of the year in Montana. Not only is it hot this month, but it’s so dry and the thunderstorms don’t drop any rain, just lightning, which triggers wild fires. And smoke. It actually hasn’t been a bad smoke year (yet) but it sure makes it hazy around here. The light even looks different as a filters through the smoke. Orange light. Which makes it feel hotter to me.


And it’s been a tough month so far, with working all the freakin’ time, trying not to freak out about our bottom line at work (a worry I think most small business owners carry with them like a badge most of the time), counting down the days until September, wondering what new adventure’s on the horizon (can you tell I feel like the days are just creeping by this time of year?).

So it was a big help to me today to read a blog post by one of my favorite bloggers… about living like you’re dying (which we all are).

In the post, by Jenna Woginrich of Cold Antler Farm (LOVE her blog), she notes: “To encourage someone along their path might be the most important thing we can do for each another. Everyday we are given thousands of chances to lighten someone else’s load, to create a smile where one didn’t exist a second ago. How could we choose anything else?”

This is something I need to work on… lightening someone else’s load instead of adding to it. I mean, I try to be nice to everyone I meet. But sometimes, at the end of the day when I’ve been working for 10 hours and I just want to go home and eat dinner, I get tired of being nice and I just try to get through… not worrying about how I act might negatively affect people. But isn’t it so much better to be a light in the world? And I especially need to work on this where my family is concerned. It’s so easy to snap at my spouse, so easy to get short with my son. Why? Because they love me and of course they’ll forgive me. But they are the people to whom I should be the most kind… they are the ones whose smiles matter most to me!

Jenna also writes about the “Doacracy” in this country… if you want something, you just have to DO it. Don’t ask for permission, ignore what people are saying behind your back. I have dreams I am working toward, but lately they’ve felt so very far away, so unattainable. Again, I think it’s because it’s August… the interminable month of hot (can you tell I’m a cold-weather person?), but I am trying to step forward with renewed vigor, with verve, to seize what no one is going to hand to me. I am the only one who can make those dreams happen.

“This is a short, painful, confusing and heartbreaking life where most of us only have a few decades to really live the way we want to. So get on that horse, call that realtor, or buy that plane ticket. Stop living like you aren’t dying. It’s going to kill you if you don’t,” Jenna ends her post. Wow. Does that speak to you or what? Get going with your life!

Does anyone else ever get the feeling like you’re doing some weird voodoo mind meld with the rest of the planet? Or at least that specific blogger who wrote just what you needed to read today?

Sometimes life must be about the little victories, like adding just the right amount of cream to one’s coffee. Little victories are especially important in August. But sometimes life needs to have big victories. New opportunities, new friendships, new perspectives. Bring on the big victories, September. I am SO ready.



My blog hit 15,000 views today! OK, OK, I know some of you out there get that many views in a week, or a day, or even an hour. But to me, it’s a big deal! Thank you, dear readers! I’ll be back later today with a post about Jonathan’s first hike in Glacier National Park (well, first backpack ride on a hike).

Girl, interrupted

I’d just like to clarify that I’ve never actually seen that movie. Girl, Interrupted, I mean. But then again, I’ve never seen a lot of movies that appear to belong to the “you HAVE to see this movie to belong to the American culture” class. I get a lot of eye-rolls from my husband when he’s talking about some movie and I tell him I haven’t seen it.

But enough of that.

Want to apologize for disappearing from blog land yet again. Between moving, a visit from my parents-in-law, a new part time job and no Internet access at home, I’ve found little time for blogging. I also can’t justify driving nine miles to town to use Internet at a coffee house. Sorry, blog friends.

However, I am starting school next week (and taking the bus into town to save the environment and my wallet) and will have reliable Internet access five days a week. So the blogging shall return!

Thanks for being patient. 🙂

Buy local – Your body and your farmer will thank you

Hello friends! Today’s the day of my guest post, which I’m really excited about. I wrote it for Katie at Making This Home, a blog about living a green life, both in the United States and Germany. When Katie approached me to write a blog about eating local and organic food, I jumped all over it. Why? Because I live in Montana, where many people assume it’s impossible to grow local and organic food in such a short growing season. Lies! I tell you! Lies! But my theory behind the post was that if I can find local, organic and sustainably grown food in Montana, everybody else in America can too.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

I don’t remember the last time I bought bananas. And I miss bananas. But not enough to buy them. What’s the deal? You may ask. Where in the world are you banana-less? For the record, the grocery stores where I live in southwestern Montana carry bananas. And they carry those bananas in various stages of decay. Some are shockingly green. Others sit on a discount rack where they brown into oblivion. But still I won’t buy them. Why? Because they’re from Ecuador.

I have nothing against Ecuador. I hear it’s a nice place to visit. But I am vehemently opposed to shipping bananas nearly 4,000 miles. And I made the decision a few years ago to vote with my feet.

And how am I voting?

To read the rest of the post (with pictures!) please visit Katie’s blog here.

Wednesday sneak peak

Well, I’ve made a big step in blogging land, one that veteran bloggers often recommend. I’ve written a guest post! And it’s going to be featured on Making This Home, one of my favorite blogs about living green and writing, this Wednesday, May 11. I’ll be sure to post a link to the blog, but I sure hope all my lovely readers will check it out! Here’s a sneak peak:

It has to do with that little sticker below the Tipu’s Tiger Chai on the right… the one that reads “Made in Montana.” That’s right, it’s all about buying local, organically grown food. Which is a topic I am more than a little obsessed with.

I hope you all enjoy the post on Wednesday and find it beneficial. Check back later this week, too, for an update on the garden and our crazy productive weekend.