13 months

Pretty behind on posting this photo! We actually took this photo at the very end of January instead of on January 23. On January 23, Peanut was so, so sick, and it wouldn’t have been a good photo if we could have even gotten him to sit for the photo. So I’m glad we waited and here’s this very cute picture instead!

13 monthsJanuary 23 is a special day, even if Peanut was sick. January 23 is the date the Peanut was due (he came exactly a month early on December 23!), so January 23 was technically his first birthday, adjusting for the premature birth. What a cutie man!


Get in my belly

This past weekend Shawn and I made a trip to Polebridge because the ever amazing Polebridge Mercantile, owned by the lovely and fabulous Stuart and Flannery, was opening back up for the summer. Hubs and I just had to go get a huckleberry turnover, which was, as always, fantastic.

Here’s a cherry turnover. I bet your mouth is watering.

Yum, yum, yum. Always worth the drive up the bumpy North Fork Road.

And here’s a photo of Stuart, followed by one of Flannery and Jake, the year-round awesome staff/owners of the Merc.

We had a great weekend, complete with fun time at the swell Showcase event thrown by First Best Place in Columbia Falls. It was nice to see friends and get some work done. I’m putting together a brochure for the Bad Rock B&B, followed by one for the Merc later in the summer.

But now it’s off to unpacking (yes, still) and taping the walls to get ready to paint!

The view from Lone Pine

For all you vista gluttons out there:

Shot this photo from Lone Pine State Park above Kalispell. I drove there to cover an event, which I found out when I got there was canceled because of the “possible government shutdown.” But the government didn’t shut down! Oh well, at least the Hubs and I got to walk around on a lovely, sunny day in a nice state park and take in the views. The above is a view of the Swan mountain range, which starts around my town and runs a hundred miles southeast or so. (And in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ve cropped out “town” in the bottom of the photo. Remember that nearly 80,000 people live in this “remote” valley, after all.)

Oh, and I need to wish my lovely husband Shawn a happy three years together anniversary today! (Our six months married-iversary is next weekend.)

Whiskey rain, whiskey rain

Saturday night, the Hubs and I went up to our local distillery, Glacier Distilling Company. It’s our friend Nic’s venture and not only do we want to support him, we like drinking good whiskey. And “Glacier Dew,” the distillery’s first whiskey, is just that.

Here’s the whiskey barn in Coram. You can’t miss it!

I wrote a story for my newspaper, which you can read here, a while back before the distillery officially opened for business. Nic and his business partner Danny are going to distill not only white whiskey like Glacier Dew, which is obviously polished off in the above photo, but also bourbon. They’ve got a neat selection sitting in barrels in the back, just waiting to come into maturity. It’s a long wait, but it’s going to be worth it.

Here’s a keg of the North Fork Flood Stage Whiskey. Can’t wait to give it a try.

Here’s Danny (left), working the crowd.

The distillery has a neat collection of old whiskey bottles. Shawn and I are considering donating our brandy bottle to the cause. Our bottle is shaped like a liberty bell because it was made in 1976 and then sat, unopened, on a shelf in my grandparents’ house until this year. Shawn discovered it and my Gramma gave it to him. It’s got a little less brandy in it than when it was bottled because of the angel’s share, but since it’s 35 years old, it’s a smooth, smooth brandy. Evidently that’s how you get such a divine drink: Put it on a shelf and forget about it.

Hubs and I purchased bottle No. 60 of Batch 1A. A keepsake, no doubt!

Portrait of a Lady

Every now and then, I like to post portraits I’ve taken (here’s another), because each person has a story to tell and I think you can learn a lot from portraits. The woman in this photo is the local quilting guild’s featured quilter at their annual show. Rita learned to sew from her mother and to quilt from her daughter. She’s made so many quilts, she said, that she “never stopped to count” just how many. She’s pictured at her mother’s sewing cabinet and the quilt on her lap with the flowers she hand-appliqued and hand-quilted. Lovely!