Cabin Fever Days

This weekend in northwest Montana was the 33rd annual Cabin Fever Days. What a hoot! Cabin Fever Days is a three-day celebration that gets everyone outside (or in the bar). It generates thousands of dollars for local charities and helps the businesses in the area out, too. The most popular event is the barstool races. There are several classes ranging from your standard barstool nailed to a pair of skis to the show class, which includes all sorts of different “barstools.”

There can be a bit of occupational hazard covering the barstool races. Here, local photojournalist and friend Nate Chute barely avoids a run-in with a barstool. Notice his right hand and the fact that he’s still taking pictures while leaping into the air. Check out his photo blog here.

Smokin’ toward the finish line.

Here’s Nic Lee “paddling” toward the finish line.

This guy popped open his beer one-handed while zipping down Sugar Hill. In the true spirit of Cabin Fever Days, classy and talented!

Arm wrestling contest at the Stonefly Lounge.

Of course no Cabin Fever Days event would be complete without the mountain man contest. Here’s one rockin’ the buckskins.