Snowshoeing to mountain ranges

The Hubs and I went snowshoeing north of Butte on national forest land this weekend and had a gay ol’ time.

The names of the trails, which are designated for skiers, snowshoe-ers and snowmobilers, are quite amusing and very typical of Butte. We took Neversweat, but we got sort of lost and had to blaze our own trail for a while through pretty deep snow. The altitude where we were snowshoeing is about 7,000 feet.

The trail went through the woods and up over a ridge to great mountain views.

Rabbit tracks in the snow. Saw a fair amount of squirrel tracks, too. Later, back in town, we saw lots of pigeon prints.

Blazing that trail as we came to the top of the ridge.

Anaconda Range west of Butte. Pretty spectacular!

There’s my handsome man.

Highland Mountains east of Butte.

Yours truly. In my winter coat and coveralls, evidently I look like a pear. So says my husband. Jerk.

Brush pushing through the snow. Also known as ART!

More ART!

A very fun weekend! Hubs and I are looking forward to snowshoeing more in my neck of the woods. Heard about some great trails up the North Fork a ways we plan to try out this coming weekend. Who wants to join us?



So here’s a bit of an update: Some of you may have noticed my NaNoWriMo counter on the right-hand side of the blog hasn’t changed in a while. This weekend I was slain by a nasty cold, which I am still getting over. I’m planning to hop back on the writing bandwagon tonight. It is going to take some major doing to catch back up, but I don’t want November to end and be completely disappointed with myself for giving up.

Also, gotta love it when the Hubs does “man things.”

He will not be too happy about me posting this picture. But whatever. He’s putting together a shelf for the closet in the bathroom in the Butte apartment. See that nasty carpet? It reeks, even after Shawn cleaned it twice. He says it’s a good thing I wasn’t there to see the water in the carpet cleaner. We’re trying to figure out a way to get our landlord there to pay for new wood floors, which we will put in ourselves. The hallway and the bedroom are the only rooms with carpet; the rest of the enormous apartment has beautiful wood flooring. Maybe I can get friend Mark to help us put in the floors and then stick it to the landlord later. Better to ask forgiveness than ask permission, right?

And here is a photo from our wedding, taken by a friend. Don’t have the professional photos in yet.

What a handsome man. 😉

We’re headed to Seattle this weekend. I’ll be sure to take scads of photos and write a post or two about it!

To every season, turn, turn, turn

We’re having a gorgeous autumn in Montana. These photos are from nearby Butte. Shawn and I went on a picnic last weekend to a small state park on the Jefferson River. We had a lovely time and enjoyed driving through canyons bursting with color.

Here’s the river, winding its way through the canyon, the railroad tracks at its side.

We’re supposed to have a rough, cold La Nina winter full of snow. I hope autumn decides to stick around a long, long time. It’s just so beautiful! Just about everyone I know claims autumn as their favorite season, and I’m no different. The way the air smells — full of calm, crisp air and burning leaves — and the scads of baked goods involving pumpkin are my favorite parts. Oh! And it’s soup season again. I love soup.

Shawn and I had such a lovely weekend. Living apart is very difficult, especially after living together for nine months. I’m dreading the separation that comes after we get married. We don’t even get a honeymoon until next year, which positively stinks in my book. One thing can be said of our separation: we cherish each other and we don’t take each other for granted! Our picnic was such fun. We also went to a neat specialty foods store near his apartment that is beyond amazing. The wine selection alone is enough to make your had spin. I couldn’t resist and picked up two soup mixes, two bottles of wine, a jar of jam, some natural cleaning solution and some cheese. All will be mightily enjoyed in the weeks to come.