Big thoughts at Bowman

I believe each of us has a few favorite places that we’ve been in the world. One of my favorites is Bowman Lake up the North Fork of the Flathead. I love that lake and have made such good memories there it will always be a place that I call home. It was a perfect day at Bowman yesterday, even if it was as crowded as I’ve ever seen it. Oh yeah, Labor Day weekend. Note to self: go to the lake on a weekday.

BowmanPeanut had a great time splashing in the water on the lake’s edge. He tossed pebbles, felt the water on his fingers and toes. Big Country and I sat beside him and nibbled on that huckleberry turnover I mentioned in the last post. It was delicious as ever.

Peanut at bowmanAfter hanging out on the lakeshore for a while, we took a stroll down one of the trails by the lake. Over a bridge that crosses Bowman Creek, then back into the lake shallows for more splashing. Peanut loved being able to “hike” himself instead of riding in the backpack. He stopped to pet leaves, pick flowers, and look all around.

Peanut hikin'We stuck to big thoughts all day, and it was a perfect day. Sunny but not too hot. Surrounded by beauty and keeping the worries at bay. It’s hard to be unhappy watching your child explore the world.

Did you succeed in thinking big thoughts too?





Well, it only took nearly 7 months, but one of our two cats has finally realized that the screaming blob is actually a sweet little person named Jonathan. Here’s a photo of the recent meeting of the minds:

Pele is of course that cat that tolerates anyone and anything, including giant dogs that get up in her face. She didn’t seem to mind Jonathan whacking her back and grabbing her fur at all. Of course once he’s a little older and can understand we’ll be having the “kitties are nice friends and we are nice to them, so be nice when petting and don’t hit” talk.

Our other cat, Pandora, still firmly believes Jonathan is a screaming blob. She’ll be the cause of the “Mom! The kitty scratched me!” wails I can already hear. One cat out of two ain’t bad, right?