A room of one’s own

Have to admit, it’s easy to find inspiration in this view.

I’m lucky I have such a beautiful place to write (though it does double as my sewing desk, too). Now if I could just crank those words out a little faster…


Is there a table under there?

Shameful, isn’t it? This is my dining room table/office/dumping ground. I live in a very small apartment and I don’t have a desk. I want one badly, but I’d like to find a cheap one and fix it up all pretty. Scanning Craigslist daily has so far proved fruitless. But I’m sure something will turn up!

In the meantime, I need to get this mess wrangled in a big way. I’ve got sewing stuff, magazines, my reporter’s notebook, the city budget (oh, interminable city council meetings), my computer, English Creek by Ivan Doig, my purse, headphones, the most recent contents of the P.O. box and lots of random paperwork. I’m tired of cleaning the table every few days only to have it eventually resort back to this. I need to figure out a filing system for bills and letters. I’ve got a bin for magazines in the corner on the stairs, which I will clean out to make room for more. With a desk, I could do work on my computer and sewing upstairs, where there is more room and I don’t have to worry about lint in my supper.

Any organizational suggestions for small living spaces on a very tight budget?