“But with Montana it is love”

“I am in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love…” – John Steinbeck.

Here’s some eye candy, dear readers!

This is taken from Reynolds Ranch, which is one mile south of the Canadian border.

A river runs through it, eh? Fishing on the Middle Fork of the Flathead.

The sign beyond this one reads, “Crossing into Canada is prohibited.” The border crossing is closed. Guess they want to keep us scruffy Americans out.


Driving down the bumpy North Fork Road toward home at dusk, I passed this still stretch of water.

Telling stories

The first thing I noticed was the smell.

Be happy, dear readers, that this column doesn’t come equipped with Smell-O-Vision. I’m talking about the stink that comes from mountainous piles of garbage.

The second thing I noticed was the heart-breaking poverty. Suddenly the smell didn’t bother me so much.

I’m talking about the Garbage City in Cairo, Egypt. Three years ago I spent a summer living in Cairo and writing an article for the Egypt Daily News — an English-language newspaper affiliated with the International Herald Tribune — about educational opportunities for the Zabbaleen, the “garbage people.”

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