Good work

PeonyIt’s been raining all day today and the world outside is damp and growing dark. Inside, though, I’ve got these beautiful peonies to keep me company, in their awesome turquoise vase (which is actually a vintage Fiestaware pitcher that I found at a local antique store). It’s been a treat to watch these flowers unfold, and an added bonus to smell their delightful perfume as I walk past them.

Crochet buntingHave big plans for these little dudes. These crochet bunting flags, made using Lucy’s pattern, are going to be part of my first ever yarn bombing! Details to come, folks!

Spring saladWe enjoyed this lovely salad tonight for dinner, along with some Algerian flatbread Big Country made. It was delicious, but was made precious considering the salad’s source. In the summer I volunteer on a local farm every week, pulling weeds, helping build dirt beds, weeding the asparagus, whatever needs done. In exchange the farmers give me produce. And they are VERY generous in their giving. I really think I’m getting the better end of the deal. Anyway, this week I came home with a giant bag of mixed greens, four or five different herbs in bundles, a bundle of Johnny Jump Ups, chives, rhubarb, and green garlic. Tonight’s salad was garnished with chive blossoms and Johnny Jump Ups as you can see, because I just found out they’re edible! The Johnnies don’t taste like anything, but they sure are pretty. The chive blossoms on the other hand are divinely oniony. It makes me feel such contentment and wonder to know that with the exception of the carrots, every bit of that salad came from within 10 miles of my house.

Crochet bitsAnd here’s a photo of the projects I’ve got going right now. The three bunting triangles are done, just lying in wait for the yarn bombing, the two granny squares will be joined by four more and turned into a ball for Jonathan, and you can see the ripple blanket peeking out from under the table. I’ve only got eight more rows and the edging to do before that blanket is finally finished. I have to admit I’ve already cozied up under for a cat nap, though, yarn ball and crochet hook resting on my stomach, the cats resting on my feet. Naps are so much more rewarding when taken beneath the wooly good work of one’s own hands.





Yum avocado!

That’s what we tell Jonathan when we feed him avocado. We started feeding him solid (mushy) food last week. We started the first day with rice cereal, which he did not like. As you can see below.

Even my silly attempts at convincing him he liked the rice cereal didn’t elicit much response.

Me: Mmmm delicious mush!
Jonathan: Lady, you’re nuts.

He seems to like avocado better. We’ll do another day or two of that and then we’re moving on to sweet potato! I am making my own baby food. It’s purer that way. I control the ingredients. There aren’t any preservatives. It’s less expensive. So far the food I’ve made is a single ingredient, such as avocado, sweet potato, or peas, mixed with breast milk. I’m freezing the extras, and I’ve made enough for now that we’re set for a while. I’m using the book The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet. It has recipes from age six months to two years. So far I like the book a lot. Beyond recipes, it also has tips for feeding your child and nutritional information.

Making baby food from scratch is easy, but it does take some time. The avocado recipe is easy, and requires no cooking, just blending the milk and avocado together. The sweet potato and peas recipes do require cooking (baking and steaming, respectively). After cooking I mix the ingredient with breast milk and blend. Then I freeze the mush in a special, nasty plastics-free baby food freezer tray (1 tablespoon blocks, since a serving for a baby is 1-2 tablespoons). After that, I put the cubes in glass containers for storage. The containers have lids that also don’t have nasty plastics.

Jonathan hasn’t quite caught on to the whole solid foods thing yet, but I’m sure he will soon. At least it’s fun for my husband and I. And so far, only one projectile experience!

Buy local – Your body and your farmer will thank you

Hello friends! Today’s the day of my guest post, which I’m really excited about. I wrote it for Katie at Making This Home, a blog about living a green life, both in the United States and Germany. When Katie approached me to write a blog about eating local and organic food, I jumped all over it. Why? Because I live in Montana, where many people assume it’s impossible to grow local and organic food in such a short growing season. Lies! I tell you! Lies! But my theory behind the post was that if I can find local, organic and sustainably grown food in Montana, everybody else in America can too.

Here’s an excerpt from the post:

I don’t remember the last time I bought bananas. And I miss bananas. But not enough to buy them. What’s the deal? You may ask. Where in the world are you banana-less? For the record, the grocery stores where I live in southwestern Montana carry bananas. And they carry those bananas in various stages of decay. Some are shockingly green. Others sit on a discount rack where they brown into oblivion. But still I won’t buy them. Why? Because they’re from Ecuador.

I have nothing against Ecuador. I hear it’s a nice place to visit. But I am vehemently opposed to shipping bananas nearly 4,000 miles. And I made the decision a few years ago to vote with my feet.

And how am I voting?

To read the rest of the post (with pictures!) please visit Katie’s blog here.

Wednesday sneak peak

Well, I’ve made a big step in blogging land, one that veteran bloggers often recommend. I’ve written a guest post! And it’s going to be featured on Making This Home, one of my favorite blogs about living green and writing, this Wednesday, May 11. I’ll be sure to post a link to the blog, but I sure hope all my lovely readers will check it out! Here’s a sneak peak:

It has to do with that little sticker below the Tipu’s Tiger Chai on the right… the one that reads “Made in Montana.” That’s right, it’s all about buying local, organically grown food. Which is a topic I am more than a little obsessed with.

I hope you all enjoy the post on Wednesday and find it beneficial. Check back later this week, too, for an update on the garden and our crazy productive weekend.