Finishing the projects I’ve begun: It’s harder than it seems!

In our second bedroom (which is ever so slowly becoming a nursery for our baby boy… speaking of baby boy, Oct. 23, which happens to be my first anniversary, we’re T-minus three months!), I have a shelf in our closet piled with fabric and yarn and quilting books and embroidery hoops. Also on those shelves are at least four unfinished projects. And it’s time to start ticking those projects off my list! I’ve got two quilts in various states of done-ness and I’m pondering attempting to sell the finished products. Which I have my doubts about because I’d ideally like $700 each for them. Sounds like a lot, I know, but in each quilt is, oh, $250-$300 worth of fabric, plus the many, many hours I’ve put into the quilts. So folks, frankly, that’s what they’re worth. Maybe I’ll put them up on Etsy and see what happens. Wouldn’t mind the extra money in my pocket, though!

But anyway, two other projects I’ve been working on because they’ve been moved up in priority is a mobile for above the crib and a pillowcase that I will take to the hospital with me. The mobile, which features little stuffed fabric birds perched on sticks, is about halfway done. I’ve got six of the planned eight birds sewn, waiting for stuffing. I need to go stick hunting (yay excuse for a hike! not that I need an excuse…), and then assemble the mobile. It’s going to be bright and lovely and I’m really excited about it. Especially since we can’t paint the room, the colors will help the room feel more like home for our little one.

And I’m proud to report that the pillowcase is done!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a friend’s house sewing my fabric together. She was working on a darling trick-or-treat bag for her niece (it looks like a piece of candy corn! so cute!). Needless to say she is a much more competent and much faster sewer than I (and I have major sewing machine envy!), but I completed my pillowcase project. As I said, I plan to take it to the hospital with me when our son is born. I’ve heard from other friends who’ve had children that many of the photos taken of our little family will feature the pillowcase in the background. Plus the pillowcase will add some color and life to what will no doubt be an otherwise pretty sterile, boring environment.

The body of the pillowcase is a plum color with a floral print. The accent is green and the cuff is a pretty teal. And I think it’s lovely! I’m totally into the personalized pillowcases, even if they don’t match the sheets (though luckily, in my case, the pillowcase actually coordinates quite nicely!)

Alas, the pillow project has spurred another project: a pillowcase for my husband. Luckily he’s not big on lurking around fabric stores like I am so maybe if we can avoid being in a fabric store together in the near future, I can focus on finishing all my other projects instead of starting a pillowcase for him with fabric he’ll pick out.

Next project to finish is a quilted stained-glass Christmas tree advent calendar wall hanging. I took a class with my sewing friend and while her tree wall hanging thingy is about ten seconds from complete, mine it woefully just a bunch of fabric scraps pinned together. So that’s next! And hopefully in time for the Christmas season.